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Closure. [10 Jul 2005|02:16pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

I do this every once in awhile. This isn't dropping this and making a house_of_n, or moving over to a blog or anything like that. I'm just going to stop using livejournal.

I'm using it as a sense of closure. I figure, it's just time to go. Because all livejournal really is to me is a place to whine and complain. It's not a journal to me. I don't need this, and I'd rather be doing needy things than wanty things.

Sure, you guys won't be able to hear about my awesome and exciting adventures through time and space, but hey.

Now before you say it, I'm sure I'll come back eventually. Hell, I know I'll come back eventually. But right now I'm going.

I want to go out and improve on myself, to be a better person. I've become something of a prick lately, a whiney, overexaggerated prick of sorts. I don't want to be that.

I'll still check my friend's page, I'll still make some comments every once in awhile. But there will be no more crusader_rabbit entries from me.

I just need to go.

Wow Nick, way to make a journal sound all deep and meaningful.

Never say "Goodbye", just say "See you later."

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Hamtens? [10 Jul 2005|11:05am]
[ mood | amused ]

The players in my dream last night were myself, Cary (Critical Friend, from New Hampshire), Mr. Suprin, and my middle school band teacher Ms. Walton.

Basically, what happened was Ms. Walton was training a class of students on how to survive in space, specifically on a space station. We got to go through all these cool jungle gyms and shit. Then we were told that we were going to help endangered animals that were kept on the space station to keep them safe from harm. Mr. Suprin headed that department and he brought us up. The animals we were taking care of looked like a mix between kittens and hamsters. Funky little things. But really awesome, I wanted to bring it home with me.

The cool thing about the dream is how they sent us all back to Earth. They'd put a plastic bag over our head and then kick us out the door of the space station and we'd go shooting back down to Earth like meteors. Hit the ground. And get up and go home.

Friggin' awesome!! Squee!!

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RiverFest '05. [09 Jul 2005|08:57pm]
[ mood | content ]

My first real concert, and it was fuckin' awesome.

All the bands were great, and Low Millions was hilarious and fantastic. FANTASTIC. There's four of them....FANTASTIC FOUR!!

Whoa, like, even though everytime they hit the drums or a high note my heart would thump and skip a beat (we were right up front) it was awesome. Everytime they went high, the pain in my shoulder would shoot throughout my entire body, but I wouldn't move. I was amazed.

I got the Low Millions CD, and a DeSol single CD.

And I saw Tony Pacitti there, talked to him for a bit.

There was also this guy that looked EXACTLY like me. So Jason and I ran around all stealth like trying to get a picture of him. We wanted one of the two of us standing next to eachother (the look-alike and me were wearing all black too), so Jason went up and asked for a picture, but he declined. We did get a movie of him walking around, so I'm going to turn some of the clips into pictures.

I made a deal with Jason that I'd shave my beard off if he burned me the other CDs he got today. So it looks like Nick is going no-beardo for awhile again.

I feel so good right now. I feel Juju (means vibe (some girl gave Jason and I stickers that said "juju" on it))

OH YEAH! Jason and I were looking for a telephone to call my Mom to bring me some money, and these two people (Ben and Amber) stopped us and asked us questions about what we thought about life, God, etc. Ben was like:

Ben: So, what do you think about life?
Me: I think you just have to enjoy it. It only comes around once, so you really need to take it for what it is and make the most of it.
Jason: Just live it, that's what I say.
Amber: Do you believe that there's a God or higher power?
Me: Sometimes, sometimes not. It really goes back and forth with me.
Jason: No.

Amber and I got into a discussion on God and Ben asked Jason more about God, but Jason declined so they just talked about where eachother lived.

They were kind of cool...weird...but cool.

That's all folks!

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Chaddo. [09 Jul 2005|01:10pm]
Saw Fantastic Four with Chad. I liked it a lot. It got mixed reviews, but otherwise I thought it was a pretty good interpretation.

I couldn't find Richard Ho on the bridge scene, I saw in Wizard that he'd be in there. Oh well.

Went back to Chad's house and played Battlefront, he beat me a lot. Then we watched Wrong Turn and Murder by Numbers, good movies. Sleep. Then they threw Spooky on me and he woke me up, played MORE Battlefront. I beat him a couple times.

Pretty fun time, if I don't say so myself.

Concert today with Jason, wooooo.

(I deleted the Serino entry, it was wrong of me to come out and, how did she say it....flaunt it.)
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Chad Pad. [08 Jul 2005|01:49pm]
I'm seeing Fantastic Four with Chad at 2:45.

Afterwards I'm going to his house to sleep over. I love going to his house, it's very relaxing. The Chad Pad.

Tomorow afternoon I'm going with Jason to see Low Millions in Newburyport.

I've got some stuff to do this weekend. Yay.

Low Millions roxxor.
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Awake. [07 Jul 2005|03:16pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

I just woke up from a nap. I'm guessing it's only been an hour and a half or so, but I'm not sure.

I feel all weird, and there's a bad after taste in my mouth.

I finished Dark Knight Returns.

I felt weird at class today, and I sort of lost the respect of the kids at once because Savannah had to one up me on everything as I taught them how to draw and that kind of pissed me off, but I wasn't going to embarass her in front of her friends so I took it.

Kids seem to like me though, and that's good.

I need to keep writing my comic script, it's going great, I can't stop now.

I wonder what I'm doing for the rest of the day.....hmmmm.


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God damnit! [06 Jul 2005|09:29pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

I hate to think I haven't gotten over any of it. I still feel that tight, turning in my stomach.

I even took her name off my buddylist, just so that I wouldn't know when she was on so I wouldn't get all nervous. I'm afraid to talk to her, and only because I don't want to come off as stern or crast. I guess my heart has become swollen or something. I've just had mixed thoughts lately, and I don't want to share them with anyone because I know everyone is already tired of hearing of them, and it's a pointless endeavor.

She owes me fifteen dollars for destroying my League of Extraordinary Gentlemen book. As much as I need the money, I don't want it. Not because of her, I would just feel bad.

I wish I was back in Vermont. I felt secure there, I didn't need to worry and I was around brethren. I miss the guys, I miss the area. I miss the artistic feeling. I actually felt compelled to do things. Sometimes it feels like comics are my only driving force.

In other news, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns kicks so much ass.

In other other news, I started writing a comic script again a couple nights ago and I'm still alive and kickin' on it.

In other other other news, I taught the whole class again today. I have a feeling I'm going to teach the class till I crash and burn. Seriously, I stood there, Mr. Donoghue was late, so I started doing a rerun on how to draw different faces. Then I turned around and said to the class, "What the heck, are any of you tired as much as I am?" and they all kind of looked at me and I was like, "Just a question. I'm swanked." (Swanked meaning I'm exhausted, it just sounds funnier.)

"Sometimes the safest place to be.
Is right next to me.
By the open fire,
Where our greatest dreams transpire."

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Can I get a w00t home diggity? [05 Jul 2005|04:30pm]
Whole family is going over Chad's in a half hour for a barbeque/pool party.

Sounds pretty neat if I don't say so myself.

Got some awesome cartooning books, and I also got Batman: Dark Knight Returns.

I call it a fulfilling day.
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Report card? [05 Jul 2005|12:47pm]
[ mood | good ]

Alright, I was going to post my report card, but I seem to have misplaced it.

Let me see if I can find it...


I'll post it when I do.

Anyway, today has been pretty awesome so far. I was skeptical about the literary magazine program Mr. Donoghue was putting on at the school, but when I got there and met the kids. There was only about eight of them, I was like, "Okay, I'll just sit by and watch Mr. Donoghue."


Instead Mr. Donoghue told the whole class that I was a professional cartoonist, gave out my life's history, and asked me to demonstrate and teach the class on how to draw. So today I started with faces, and they thought the faces were great! It was great, I loved teaching them. Someone told Savannah (who is also attending the class) that they thought I was funny and good. I love teaching now. It was a wicked good feeling and I think the kids really took it all in.

Comic creator. Counselor. Teacher. New professions just keep adding themselves in.

Yeah, it was great and I can't wait to go back tomorrow and teach some more. Now Mr. Donoghue wants to turn the literary magazine into a comic book! How friggin' awesome is that?

Nick, you are incredible. There I said it.

I'm sleeping over Chad's house this Friday, we're also going to see Fantastic Four on that day as well. I'm babysitting Thursday, so at least I'll have some money for the movies.

W00t. I feel good.

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Questions people! [04 Jul 2005|06:45pm]
Is anyone taking Drama 4, Creative Writing, or Art Studio 3-D next year?

Because those are the classes I'm taking and I wanted to know if anyone on my friend's list are going to be in those classes.
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Tentative plans for the future! [03 Jul 2005|11:05pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Alright, I just want you people to know that sometimes there's this muted, internal voice in my head that tells me to do certain things. Nothing OVERLY dramatic most of the time, but it's usually good intentions kind of thing.

I mean, there was that one time it told me to become a minister, but I don't see how that'd work out. You never know.

But since like, I heard about the Center for Cartoon Studies, it made me sort of remember my little dream of becoming a comic writer. While most of the class focuses on cartooning, that's nothing I can't handle with a ton of art prep classes and cartooning books. Which I'm going to get started on Tuesday, when I go to Barnes and Noble to pick a couple up to start with.

Back on topic, after having taken the summer program for the school, I really really really want to get back into comic writing and design. I love the area, I love the school. I mean, the school is still a work in progress, but I want to go back. The Critical Friends have all decided that we want to take the course again next summer, but that's still up in the air and none of us will really know until the summer comes if we'd all be able to make it again.

The only problem is that I have two dreams. One is to become a comic writer, and the other is a counselor. I really really want to learn psychology and social work and help kids, but judging by my type of character, my level of commitment to certain things, I can much more easily drop a comic project than I can a little kid who's suicidal. Well, the cartooning school is only a two-year program, that means I could take two years of cartooning and two years of regular college. Rounds me out, and I think that's what I'm going to do.

The only problem is that the Center for Cartoon Studies isn't credited yet, so if I went right after highschool, I wouldn't get any credits. I could wait and take two years of normal college first, then take the school, but I don't know if I want to wait that long.

So, here comes the little voice in my head, telling me to just go ahead with the school. Spend the next year learning how to draw, work on my commitment levels, and continue with my writing styles, and I should be ready for it.

Wooooooo....man...this makes me nervous, but excited. I just really want to get back to White River Junction, that's where I want to be. This is my life and it's what I want to do with it.


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War of the Worlds. [02 Jul 2005|03:19pm]
Alright, just got back from seeing War of the Worlds.

I liked it, I thought it was very well done. I just didn't like the ending at all. It was very anti-climatic.

But that's all I'm going to tell you, it's worth seeing.

Teeb is coming over soon, haven't hung with him in awhile. This should be good.
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Some things you just gotta do yourself. [01 Jul 2005|07:11pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I'm back from the Center for Cartoon Studies Summer "Create Comics" Program.

And I really wish I wasn't. Nothing against you guys at all, but for the first time in like, weeks, I felt like I was home. All things aside, I love being in this area, but up in Vermont. Taking that class was a dream come true, not just to reenergize myself in the profession I love, but to meet people that shared the same dreams with me. I've made three really great friends, and the only thing that went through my mind was that it all went by too fast and now we're all back in our own individual places.

It makes me sad. You cannot believe how down and sad I feel right now.

Yes very emo.

I was able to make jokes and people would laugh honestly, I could make references and hold conversations that people would understand. I felt at home. Granted that when people first met me, their impression was that I was pretty cool, but once they got to know me I just became "weird." But it was a welcomed weird. People respected me, they listened to me, they liked me. Well, people like me here too. But these people were great. Steve Bissette (one of the teachers, real famous comic creator) feels like my crazy uncle, Kochalka was awkward but completely awesome (one of the teachers as well, created Monkey Vs. Robot and Super F*ckers). James Sturm was just an overall nice guy and a great teacher. The class was just amazing. I didn't just learn, I appreciated, I revitalized the part of me that closed off.

I actually drew, and while my art started off as total shit, it's moved it's way up to just shit. But it's getting a lot better. I love drawing, I can't believe I shunned away. I wish there had been more writing involved then drawing, and I think the course should have been longer. Like two weeks.

It was such a great experience. I was nicknamed Rainbow Bag Boy for my rainbow bag, and everyone thought I was a homosexual, which I'm not. But it made for good laughs.

The three guys I made friends with were Cary, Andy and Alex. Jason and I reassembled the Critical Friends and now those three are the new members.

Alright. There's a lot to tell, but right now I need rest, and I'm not going to write it all here. Instead of filling up livejournal with super long entries, I'm going to write the daily exploits over in my blog when I get the chance and am finished resting:


Also, here's The New Critical Friends:


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I'm on my way. [26 Jun 2005|03:29pm]
[ mood | excited ]

In the next half hour Jason and I will be on our way.

This is going to be awesome, I cannot tell you how much I'm looking forward to this trip.



There might be internet there, but I'm only going to use it if I have to, so don't expect to hear from me for a week.

Sorry guys, I know how much you love to read my emo-centric entries and out-of-this-world tales of mischief.

I'll be back.

Asta la vista baby!

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CRISPY! [25 Jun 2005|07:11pm]
[ mood | full ]

I've just rounded out my packing for Vermont. I know I have everything, but I can't get this shaky feeling that I'm forgetting something. Besides my hair comb, but I'm forgetting that on purpose because I'll never use it anyway.

But I swear something is missing:

Batman shirt, two regular shirts, head, Teen Titans shirt, chest, You Rock: Thing shirt, three pairs of shorts, arms, two pairs of pants, abdomen, five pairs of boxers (including Hulk boxers), legs, triton hoodie (Representin'), wallet, penis, native american rainbow messenger bag, digital camera, pencils, flippy pencil, notebook, cd player, cds, feet...

I swear I'm missing something.

Yeah, this will probably be the second to last entry I make till I get back. Unless I actually get internet up there, because my Mom is letting me bring one of her laptops. But it's going to be pretty eventful. After the classes there's optional swimming times, pizza parties, movie parties, etc.

Looks to be a fun filled time.

Anyway, today; Jason, Steph and I went down to the reservation for a couple hours. We started out eating lunch, ran down to the water and spent twenty minutes trying to get Jason to dive into the water. The water was freezing when you were half way in, but once you were under it was ice, then everything felt great when you came back up. Apparently I look like I pass out when I'm diving into the water. So instead of diving, all I really do is jump and fall in. Steph found it highly amusing.

I had to shave my nipples today, because apparently my nipples feel the need to grow a ring of hair around them and it just looks weird. Yeah, not very good livejournal talk, but I'm trying to be unconventional at the moment.

Then we walked over, across the barren (but very full) parking lot, burned our feet, and bought some chicken fingers and french fries.

Walked back, ate them all, then went back in the water. That didn't last long, so we just spent the time laying about and talking about music. Then we walked and waited for my Mom. Spent 45 minutes just trying to get out of the reservation, took an hour total just to get to my house. Then we brought Jason home and Steph went off to work.

Now w00t w00t. I'm not going to Ashley's party tomorrow. I think Jason was trying to imply to me that he wanted some alone time. Though Tiff is still going. But eh, gives me time to look over everything.

I gotta go walk my dog. Later.

Ps. Garbage (the band) is awesome.

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ARGH! [25 Jun 2005|12:17pm]
[ mood | muggy'd ]


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Convienent? [24 Jun 2005|11:00pm]
Why is that when you piss someone off online, they always have a best friend with them there who takes over the conversation?
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3 Principles of Writing. [24 Jun 2005|10:18pm]
1) Think small, write big.

2) Don't stop writing.

3) Everything sucks until proven awesome.
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My head hurts. [24 Jun 2005|06:08pm]
I had a really good time at Chad's. We swam, played Battlefront, watched Hitch, slept, rode the go-cart, chatted, put up a canopy, and saw Land of the Dead.

Land of the Dead was pretty good for a zombie movie, but that's probably because it's done by George E. Romero, the master of zombie stuff.

I'm not going to make a full detail of everything, Chad got it pretty covered, so check his journal if you want to know the details.

Tomorrow, I'm going to the beach with Jason, Stephanie and maybe Ashley. We're going to make a picnic out of it. Then I assume that Jason is coming over my house afterwards so we can make a cake for Ashley because on Sunday it's her birthday and we want to throw a birthday party for her.

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Whereabouts? [23 Jun 2005|02:54pm]
I'm going over Chad's house in a wee bit. Sleep over, then tomorrow we're going to see Land of the Dead.


I'm keeping myself pretty busy all weekend.

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